Most recommended plugins for woocommerce

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Most recommended plugins for woocommerce

Most recommended plugins for woocommerce

1. Woocommerce Pay U India (PayUmoney)

Collect payment using payumoney payment gateway is easy and friendly to Indian e commerce business. Integration is easy but credibility checking and agreements with payumoney is highly official. But for a micro business or home based business payumoney is greate plugin. The possibility of payumoney merchant tools are really excellent for any starter.

2. WP-Smush

Great plugin to optimize image for web, normally ecommerce websites will be crowd with images always. In order to speed up the site, we will optimise the store in many ways, for image optimization Smusher is 100% free and easy to use plugin, reduce the size of image without losing its quality.

3. Yoast SEO

Best plugin of seo platform for any wordpress website including shopping carts. It will help us to find focus keywords, description quality and meta tags. In addition to all this features yoast also provide many premium extension to increase traffic, site checkup, testing etc… In short SEO Yoast will take care of all the SEO tech parts of the site.

4. Import products from any XML or CSV file to WooCommerce addon WP all Import

It’s a big solution for all import file problems. For shopping cart, we want to import or export products/coupons always. With this plugins we can easily import xml or csv files to woocommerce.
For wp all import, this pulgin will make all imports easy and can import unlimited number of records weather it is xml file or csv file.

5. MailChimp Subscribe Form

Create subscribe forms within minutes without any technical skills, the data will send directly to mailchimp list. Subscribe form is beneficial and can keep your customers in a Mailchimp database. It will increase your conversion and sales 200%. The integration of plugin is easy and just wants to integrate the API key got from mailchimp. Through mailchimp you can send newsletters / coupons / offers to your customers in the list.

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