Getting 404 error after migrating wordpress websites in to new hosting

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March 20, 2016
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Most recommended plugins for woocommerce
April 8, 2016
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Getting 404 error after migrating wordpress websites in to new hosting

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If you are a developer its very common problem getting 404 error while hosting change or any back end process.

But if you are a fresher in web development, it will be tough to find out the reason for this error. May be u cant find any error, but u spending hours and days to fix this small issue – HOW IRRITATING !!!

Basically two types of error will cause this

  1. Server related errors like any permission errors- in this case you have to contact your server team, they will help you. We can change the permission manually though cpanel but the changes we doing will not effect. In that case we need to contact server team and most of the server teams will support us in this case.
  2. Second, before contacting hosting company we can try our level best to fix the problem. Its really thrilling to do fixing, i personally will get lots of pleasure if i can fix an error. Fixing new bugs will gives us fresh feel in work and really inspiration to take new projects. Yesterday one my WP website also shows 404 error after hosting change. But i just check on “permalink settings“. Permalinks plays important role in WP sites, while I check the permalink i can see all settings in proper but i just disable and enable current settings.WOW and Amazing !!!…… My problem solved.

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