Tez Google latest payment app details

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Tez Google latest payment app details

TEZ new digital app for India

What is Tez application?

Tez, the new digital payment app for India by Google, which reliable to transfer your money to your homes or bank accounts directly by using a very safe and secure method. Tez works with your existing bank account, you only put your existing bank account data in Tez online registering page which means your money is safe in your existing account. There’s not need to create any new account or new wallet here. Tez uses BHIM and UPI (Unified Payment Interface) services and works with all banks in India like Axis, HDFC bank, ICICI bank and State bank of India.

Simple, User friendly and secured Payment system

Tez provides services in multiple layers of their security, they provides 24 hours security and supervision on to help detect fraud and to prevent hacking and also provide virus free services. Transactions are done with higher security which secured with UPI pin and the app is secured with Google pin.

Tez, Google’s new digital payment app specially prepared for India, therefore it support all languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu etc for easy to understand. Tez provides services that by this we can transfer money to our nearby user of Tez easily and safely without sharing our private details with him. Tez provide us most reliable sources to pay our Electricity, Gas, water and post-paid mobile bills. Tez users also got scratch cards as a bonus from where they can get extra balance of up to 1000 INR & if you win your reward go straight into your bank account. For to registering with Tez you must be present in India with holding an account in any Indian Bank. Google provides different reliable and secure gateways for money transfer.

In Tez Google is act like a facilitator of payment transactions. Google is not responsible for any other act Tez is responsible for all other acts like to provide safe money transfer. If we tell Tez is one of the best platform for to transfer money to your family, friends and for business purpose then it’s not wrong.

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