How to make a site indexed on Search Engines?

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November 14, 2017
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How to make a site indexed on Search Engines?

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Its really interesting topic to discuss, Search engines are like sea, all our efforts and investments we putting in huge area so we cant expect quick result also. Normally 3-6 months time will take to get a result of SEO works.

New websites always struggle to get visitors and indexing in search engines. By following some simple tips it will be easy to get index.

For wordpress blog, there will be some settings in admin panel.

Go to Settings -> Reading
Choose “Allow search engines to index this site” option.

Indexing will be done by Google with completion of their verification of its contents. Based on the content Google will rank site, relevant content is king always. Proper On-Page SEO will help to get ranking and traffic.

The best plugin I am using for my sites is “All in one SEO”. It has many easy options.

After doing optimization we have to check it ranked / indexed or no.

Steps to check the indexing of a site on Google:-

1. You can put the title of site on search engine, if it indexed, you can see the site listed in the search result.
2. If your site not indexed then you will get error message “Do not found”.

Index checker tool link – Google Index checker

Noindex checker tool link – Noindex checker

Indexing and ranking are different

Indexing means our business or site will start listing in googles any pages, sometimes it will not be in first page.

Ranking means the priority of listing.

Seo for indexing:-

1. List your business in all search engines.
2. Seo tags titles, descriptions are some of the most important optimization methods it will help you to get first place in search.
3. Contents – content is always the base of indexing. Relevant content is the king always. Make sure your content include basic search terms related to your business.
4. Blogs – a blog session or regular posting column in site is good for ranking. Google will give priority for regular updates.
5. Remove unwanted plugins or files from site.
6. Keep site and tools up-to-date.
7. Creating backlinks also good to get indexing.

The result of SEO will take time so do not stop work, continue tasks as we discussed above, keep on writing and posting.

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