How to install WordPress Manually

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September 23, 2014
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How to install WordPress Manually

wordpress manuall install

Here is the easy steps for installing WordPress Manually

  1. Download latest version WordPress from
  2. In hosting please go to the mysql and create a database for wordpress.
  3. DB Creation

    •   Create db
    • Please make Username and db name same
    • Assign user to db with all previleges
  4. Extract the zipped folder
  5. Copy all the files to your hosting (copy files either you can do it through control panel or through FTP)
  6. If you using single hosting copy all files in /public_html/
  7. Select the file wp-config-sample.php the and edit the fields highlighted in the image below with your database detail.
  8. wordpress-manuall-install

  9. Then rename the file to wp-config.php
  10. Now rest of the installation process running the script, for that please type
  11. This is the final step there you can fill wordpress login (username and password)

For more details – refer this site.

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