Online Payment Gateway Integration

Online Payment Gateway Integration


Payment gateway is very necessary to most of the clients as many of them have e commerce business so they definitely need to collect money from their customers online. Actually these systems replaces traditional way of payment, they don’t want to hand over invoices or they don’t want to go to bank direct. choosing proper gateway service can save money and time of customers and merchant also.




Ecommerce Merchant Account

We help to integrate payment gateway to your ecommerce sites or service oriented sites with minimal cost. We will provide separate merchant dashboard so clients can manage their accounts. Payment gateways will charge cost per transactions and first registration charges from client . But we also provide Free registered services. There is no currency limit, we will do all currency and can do based on clients request also. Normally it will take 7 to 15 days for complete integration, the days and formalities will vary based on Payment Service Provider.

For Online business, payment gateway is very helpful customers, they can purchase from anywhere using his credit card / debit card / net banking / payment pool.


Demo Payment Button