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graphic designing

High quality Graphics and animations used for online advertising, presentations, banners, branded games, header can boost up your online presence. Industries are different  so the apt graphics for specific websites create an idea of site without reading the entire text of each single page. Proven Graphics elements gives website a professional impression and audience trust. Effective websites will increase your company’s profit and more business. Graphics is the central strategy to the success of any email marketing campaign or Digital Marketing. Unique and up-to-date websites with graphics is inexorable in Digital Marketing.


“Clients just came with their idea, we design their idea to business”

Banner Design

Fajr technologies provide our clients with banner designing service for your business to yield out exceptional results and maximum click through ratio. We design creative and innovative banners fulfilling all your requirements and demands to generate a product of fine quality.

Banners are the source to drive traffic to a website. With a perfect online ad banner display the website will get more exposure and attention. Web banner designing helps a website to expose and promote its products and other services to the online viewers.

Logo Design

We are professional logo designing company specializes in creating extraordinary custom logo designs. We develop the designs to produce an attractive logo that gives an instant recognition. Logos are either purely graphic or are made of the name of recognition. We develop unique logos that create a great impression on the viewers.