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Traffic Vs Landing pages

Landing pages are the short snap of a website. Most of the business will have a website. The nature of a website is a descriptive form of a business. A website will have the number of pages, information related business, videos related business, graphics, login area, shopping cart etc.. In short all these structures designed in many pages.

But landing pages are the short cut or narrow line to the website. Our customers are always greedy to know all information’s of a business at a glance; they will not wait for a long time. So by reading the mind of our valuable customers, we prepare landing pages. Actually landing pages bring high traffic to the website. We can include all the features of a big website in to a single or a single landing page.

Structure of landing pages:-
a) Striking contents / Sentences
b) Subscription form
c) Awesome graphics
d) Paypal integration / implementation of Shopping Cart button

Striking contents are the key to the success of a landing page. Normally we will add separate pages of each service in a website, but on the landing page with a single statement, we can explain our services that will be striking part to each customer.

By including Subscription form, we will collect customers name, email, phone etc… Quickly. Of-course we can contact them again also we can send our newsletter or our latest offers to them again. Graphics are the short contents will explain the product information or the as what we are going to sell.

The best advantage of landing pages is, we can add sales options directly there. IE, we can integrate Paypal or any other payment options with an add-to –cart / purchase button. By putting purchase option actually we help our customers, they don’t want to spend a lot of time to read full website. They can purchase directly from landing page / we can sell our business through a single landing page. Definitely this will help to increase the promotion and sales.
But many business owners they don’t know how to prepare or design landing pages, or how it brings sales to businesses. These will be the common doubts of business owners. Many services providing companies or web design company providing such services.

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