Most common mistakes in on-page SEO

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August 15, 2014
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Most common mistakes in on-page SEO

common mistakes in seo

Search engine optimization has basically two types of optimization performance, on page and off page. If you search the matter online you will find thousands of techniques and the methods that claim for the improvements in the rankings. The main catch is basically to recognize and fin which technique actually works. Although it’s very difficult to get the perfect SEO technique as we get both positive and negative reviews from the search engine optimization techniques.

Today in SEO the biggest challenge is correct on page optimization. While optimizing the website new beginners make mistakes, even at times experts of SEO also make mistakes while optimizing.

In today’s world the SEO mistakes that are often made are:

1) Wrong selection of the keyword: When we plan to create a website or trying to optimize it, the main work is to select the key keywords what we want to rank for. You should be clear in the product and services you want to offer so, that customers can find easily. Why are we selecting any specific set of keywords? How to basically find out what is the right keyword for the users to find it on search engine that can directly find your website.

2) High Internal Linkage: SEO power gets diluted due to the interlinking of the different website pages with each other. One page of the website is linked with the other one some or the other way and that leads to the lesser weightage to the primary website. Linked page should not be overdo.

3) Content Duplication: We should always try to look for the fresh content, it should not be duplicated or copied. In SEO the content is everything, if we have a good content then the SEO campaigning will be 100 % successful. For ex; Google fought for the duplicate content last year and the have made it a successful end up.

4) Stuffing of the Keyword: Stuffing of the keyword or the adding keywords is very important for the website. We get higher rankings if the right keywords are added. We can have a good knowledge of the writing skills of both SEO writing and the normal writing from google. Stuffing the wrong keyword can also lead to penalty sometimes, so be careful while adding the keyword or stuffing.

5) Missing of ALT Tags : ALT tags are mostly used on the description of the images. It’s very much helpful to have the efficient results of the SEO. The density of the page increases when we put put keyword in the ALT tag which is readable by both humans and search engines.

6) Low Quality Content: Good quality content should always be used to engage the website visitors to become more and more interested. Worth reading content is always preferred by the visitors who come and check the website frequently.

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