Impact of Noval Corona (COVID-19) Virus in Online Business industry

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Impact of Noval Corona (COVID-19) Virus in Online Business industry

With the unexpected arrival of COVID-19 virus and its drastic spread create a sudden stuck in our daily activies. We dont have proper medicine against Noval Corona (COVID-19), So each government launched their own safety methods. The major and common safety method from all country, keeping isolation – #STAYHOME #STAYSAFE.

The impact of lockdown uncountable but now self safety is more important.  There will be drastic problem facing in E-commerce and online business few impacts listed below:

Impact in Monthly sales Graph

Graph will goes down upto 85% in all online stores because of unexpected Lockdown.

Delivery issue in Domestic and International sales

Many online stores facing issue in delivery– for international and domestic delivery many online stores using postal and courier services but with the lockdown all services stopped.

Stock short

Due to world wide Lockdown all export import operations stopped. That will create high amount of stock short in coming months.

Shipping partner restart issue

There will be starting coordination troubles in all sector.

Loss in the number of Customers and Order

Possibility of loss in the number of expected customers or orders.

Business expansion complication

In the case of E-Business there is no regional limit, but with global country wise lockdown system we cant expand or we have to work under a regional limit declared by the government.

Staffing and Working hours

The appointment of new staffs and working hours of existing staffs become disorder.

Unpredictable ROI

We cant forcast about ROI, COVID19 results a sudden struck in all fields.

But what ever the impact, we have to follow the rules from health department. #STAYHOME #STAYSAFE




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