Data Conversion Services

Large amount of data is available nowadays in different formats which leads to data redundancy because of the difference in data type, text and formats. And here occurs the necessity of data in one format to another. And in this hi-tech world we help you in the conversion of any type of data, reports or statements within less time and greater accuracy.
The different types of data conversion services we offer are :-
psd to html
Document Conversion
All business organizations have lots of documents that needs to be updated often and it is really a headache since the process is time consuming. We help you to convert your documents to other formats like
• PDF to DOC
• Excel to HTML
• PSP to PDF
• Word to HTML
• PDF to HTML /wordpress

File Conversion

It will help you to convert almost all types of files like audio, video, images etc in a cost efficient manner with maximum accuracy. We help you to convert files like

• Text files
• HTML files
• Image files
• Files to XML/HTML

Word Formatting

With this service you can either change the entire format of your word file or add customized styles to the existing word file so that it looks more attractive and impress your customers and add more value to your business.

XML Conversion

This language is used as the platform for various websites because of versatility and flexibility and it also helps to reduce your storage space requirement on the internet immensely. We help you with the XML (Extensive Mark-up Language) conversion at lesser cost and promised accuracy. We convert files in other formats to XML and it includes files like

• Word
• Text
• Excel

PDF Conversion

PDF format is widely used to share the content over the internet. Business organizations have electronic or hardcopy files that needs to be converted to pdf documents and the lack of expertise and knowledge is the biggest problem of each enterprise. We help you to convert your document to PDF format at a reduced cost and greater accuracy. We convert almost all types of Microsoft Office Files into PDF document. We help you with the conversion like

• GIF to PDF
• XML to PDF

SGML Conversion

SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) is used by a number of organizations for the creation, storage, management and delivery of information. SGML language is widely used and we help you with the SGML conversion at a lower cost and accuracy.

HTML Conversion
HTML is one of the markup language which is widely used in the design of webpages. The documents in WWW format is mostly written in HTML formats. With the increased development of HTML webpages the need for HTML conversion is also increased and we help you with HTML conversion with greater accuracy. Following are the HTML conversion services we have
• Word to HTML


Browser Compatibility Test

We do Cross browser compatibility test as part of the project. Will test in all major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer full versions etc.

Delivery Time : We agree to deliver one page work within one business day.

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